Thursday, October 11, 2007

You don't say....

In an article talking about the battle for spots in the Sixers starting line-up and rotation, Phil Jasner drops this gem:
Carney could challenge if he upgrades his perimeter defense and rebounding and his perimeter shooting.
And if I grew two feet, became more athletic, and learned to swish all my shots from mid-court, then I could compete for a starting spot as well. I mean, based on this comment, what part of Rodney Carney's game does Jasner think doesn't need to be improved?

More troubling, if someone who needs to upgrade his defense, rebounding, and shooting might be competing for a starting spot, then I don't want to know what the other people competing for spots on the bench need to work on...

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Louis said...

Merging together the coach’s comments from two days ago and the commentator’s notes, he may not need to work on his conditioning. Also, he says nothing about needing to improve his no-look-pass, drop-step, or lay-ups.

On a more serious note, I agree that it’s a sorry bench indeed if he’s the closest man to putting pressure on the starters to take their place. The starters are obviously going to need a lot of conditioning because they’re going to have to play the entire game for us to have a shot at winning. This is looking like a sad year for Philadelphia sports.