Sunday, October 14, 2007

CBS Sportsline thinks the Sixers should have tanked

I told you I'd keep posting on season previews of the Sixers, otherwise I'd have just let this one from CBS Sportsline fall by the wayside.

One of the least informative previews I've ever seen in any forum. In fact, calling it a preview is probably being a bit too generous since all it does is talk about how not tanking last season was a terrible idea.

The writer predicts 21 wins for the Sixers, but doesn't explain why he thinks they'll be worse than last year so you're left to guess at his rationale. I'm guessing that his rationale is that 21 wins is how many John Hollinger predicted, but maybe I'm being too cynical.

Thanks, CBS Sports. I'm a much better informed Sixers fan thanks to your contribution.

At least you gave me an opportunity to be snarky.


Louis said...

Shooting from the hip with no actual research on this answer, maybe CBS looked at the improvements that other teams in the East have made and decided that because the competition improved and the 76ers did not that the team will win less games.

Or maybe they’re just lazy and don’t feel the need to justify their predictions since, like weather-forecasters, there are no repercussions for being wrong.

Sam Cohen said...

Based on my snippy comments, I bet you can guess which of those two options I believe!