Monday, October 8, 2007

He's only 27?

Great to hear that Reggie Evans is becoming a vocal presence on the team. I think the fact that Andre Miller asked him to say something was a good sign--they played in Denver together, so I can't imagine Miller would have asked Evans to speak out if he didn't think that Evans could do it well.

I was shocked to see that Reggie Evans is only 27 years old. I feel like he's been around for ever. Maybe it's just because I remember him from the Sonics playoff series against the Spurs a few years ago when the Sonics just kept putting big bodies on Duncan. I thought that all the players the Sonics were using were established veterans, so I must have just classified Evans that way in my mind. The fact that he's actually still relatively young (although he's a grizzled veteran compared to many of the Sixers) is a nice bonus--if he does fit in well with the Sixers, we can hold onto him for a number of years.

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