Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And this is a good thing? Why?

It's a couple of days old at this point, but I was a little perplexed by something Marty Burns wrote in one of his columns over at
It's still early, but if Howard can knock down 15-footers, he could elevate himself into an MVP candidate. It wouldn't be unprecedented. Amaré Stoudemire radically improved his jumper in one summer a few years ago, taking his game to elite status.
I think it's great that Howard is working on his offensive game. The jump hooks and post moves that are also described seem great. If the Magic can go to Howard in the post, in addition to relying on him to get rebounds and finish off of feeds inside, then they'll become a very dangerous team. That said, I don't see how Howard shooting 15-foot jump shots is really a good thing.

Every time Howard sets up at 15 feet, that's a trip down the floor when he's not setting up 5 feet from the basket. He's an absolute monster underneath. Why on earth would you want him moving farther away from the basket? I just don't get.

I'll admit that I've never really enjoyed watching Shaquille O'Neal play because of how "unskilled" his game seemed, but, boy, his game sure was effective. If he had been on my team, I sure wouldn't have wanted him to start shooting 15-footers even if he could.

Versatility is great, but not when it means the player stops doing the things that make him dominant.

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Louis said...

As a sixer fan I hope Howard takes the advice and moves out to 15-feet and beyond. I hope he starts chucking up 3-pointers. The more he shoots from outside the lane the better the other team has of winning and consequently of the Magic finishing behind the sixers.

As a basketball fan, I can’t imagine a less-productive use of Howard's practice time and game-touches.