Thursday, July 19, 2007

A "fake" win, but I'll take it

I just got back from playing some pick-up basketball at the gym. Bit of a frustrating day (actually last couple of days)--neither my jump shot nor my finishing around the rim has been good recently. My passing, defense, and rebounding has tended to stay pretty consistent, but for the first couple of games today my legs just didn't want to move (I kept losing, but the team coming on always needed a few players so I was able to keep playing).

At the same time, the team that won the first game just kept on winning. A bunch of solid players, but mostly they were just shooting the lights out today--in the first game, I think they went 5-5 from 3-point range (we play 2's and 3's to 21 most days), and the shooting didn't really let up that much the rest of the day. In case you're wondering-- no, that's not the type of shooting normally seen at the Harvard Law School gym, especially not during the summer. After sitting out a game, I came back on a with a team that wasn't that different than the teams that I had already lost with four times, but finally things just clicked. I hit 3 of 4 3-pointers, and generally felt like I played solid defense. It was close, but we managed to get the victory in what turned out to be the last competitive game of the day (the level of play in the next game declined dramatically).

It felt good to finally beat the guys who had been beating up on me (and all of us) all day, but I know it's sort of a "fake" win. The winning team was (1) bound to have an off game at some point, and (2) tired after having played five straight games. But you know what? I'll take it anyway. When you've been in a bit of a slump, you'll take the wins anyway you can get them.


Louis said...

Shooting badly for 4 games doesn’t sound like a slump. It sounds like you still had the Bar Exam in your minds somewhere and you needed to wear yourself out in order to shoot without your studies getting in the way. I believe my inability to convert lay-ups at BSC is due to two factors: (1) Trying to figure out where the big foul is going to come from (though lately there haven’t been any) and (2) my need to find work. Keep playing… winners win.

Sam Cohen said...

I should have been clearer-- I've been in a shooting slump for about two weeks now. Hopefully it's ending.