Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stop bugging me already!

Okay, no one has actually been bugging me about my long posting absence. Commenter Louis did send me a (very polite) note the other day wondering when I was going to post again. I promised to put up a post today, but obviously that hasn't happened.

As you can tell by reading the "About me" blurb off to the right (assuming I edited it correctly-- always a big if!), I'm no longer in Anchorage, Alaska. Labor Day weekend I flew from Anchorage to a wedding in Colorado, and then after the wedding I flew directly to Washington, DC to my new apartment. Moving in has been a bit more hectic than I anticipated, but I think I now have everything under control-- just in time to start my new job on Monday. Yeah!!!

Tomorrow I'll start putting up posts briefly touching on the big developments in Sixers' land since my last post. Hint: They involve the signing of a player and a contract extension.

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