Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I can't believe it!

I can't believe the Sixers beat Detroit on Sunday. I also can't believe that I missed the game.

I was traveling this past weekend -- headed to Boston for Passover and to see my girlfriend. I was at my friend's parent's house for Seder on Sunday evening....thus, no chance to watch the game, and no chance to post any thoughts about this series.

(I'm also likely to miss the game tomorrow night. I can't believe I (occasionally) post on a Sixers blog, yet I'm going to miss the first two Sixers' playoff games in the post-Iverson era. Damn.)

Quick thoughts: A Sixers victory in this series would be a huge upset. As a fan, I'm hoping for it and I'm cheering them on, but as an independent observer I can't see the upset happening. And I don't really think the Sixers' victory in Game 1 changes that in any real way. But I sure hope they do! Also, as someone who liked the Reggie Evans signing this past summer, it was nice to see him get a bunch of credit for the victory.

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Louis said...

I was able to see game one and it was a lot of fun to watch the 76ers pull out the tight game. I must admit that I thought they were going to loose right up until the final buzzer.

I wasn't able to see the game last night because it was blacked out in DC. I'm not sure why the Celtics-Hawks game forced "Mojo TV" off the air but judging by the score I didn't miss much.