Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We won! We won!

After competing hard for the previous two games, the Sixers' effort was finally rewarded with a victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. You can check out the write up of the game here.

What led to the victory? In a word: offense! A bit of a shock if you've been following the Sixers this season, but there's no denying it. The Sixers had by far their best offensive game of the season-- they had their top offensive efficiency rating (126.4), lowest turnover rate (11.1%), best true shooting percentage (59.8%), and best offensive rebound rate (39.5%). It was basically a perfect storm. Well done, fellows.

On the other side of the ball, the Sixers forced their normal high turnover rate, but other than that it wasn't one of their better performances. But you know what? I'll take the victory.

If you want to see a perspective on the game from the other side, check out Brew Hoop's game recap and post-game thoughts.

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Louis said...

I just can't get too excited by the 76ers win when I see that we have as few wins as the Knicks and they lost by 45 last night. If the Knicks and Sixers are on par with each other then there is not much hope for this season.