Thursday, September 6, 2007

Taurean Green: Time to put on the green?

Over at Blazersedge, they have been doing posts on the expectations they have for the various players on the Blazers' roster. Today's post was about Taurean Green, the former point guard for Florida's national championship team. He's relatively low-profile compared to his more famous college teammates (Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer), but he was a very solid player in college.

The post makes the point that while Green seems like a solid-player, he's currently fourth on the PG depth chart for the Blazers and he's unlikely to get any playing time. Well, he might not get any playing time in Portland, but I know of at least one team that's looking for some point guard help: the Boston Celtics. Rajon Rondo is currently the only point guard on their roster. While the Celtics would ideally pick-up a veteran point guard (to go with their veteran team), they haven't had much luck finding one so far. Based on his play in college, Green is the type of point guard who would be a facilitator and distribute the ball to the Celtics' stars (Garnett, Allen, Pierce) without feeling the need to get his own shot. He's a rookie, so he's likely to have some NBA growing pains (and he might not actually develop into an NBA level player), but he seems like the sort of back-up point guard the Celtics could probably get for relatively cheap and who could prove to be the answer to their back-up point guard issues.

It might be time for the Celtics to try and get Taurean Green into green.


Louis said...

I’m sorry, isn’t this supposed to be a 76ers Blog? Do the 76ers have unusual depth at PG? I don’t think they do… actually I don’t think they have much depth anywhere. To hell with the Celtics, they’ve already made their moves. We need the 76ers to find some help. Maybe Green’s not the guy. Maybe the point is not the most aching need. Still, the ownership needs to show the fans something. It’s not like Comcast can’t afford to throw more money at the organizations problems.

Sam Cohen said...

I'd love to recommend that the Sixers pick up Taurean Green, but I don't see how it would help them. From a playing perspective, it is unlikely that Green would get many (if any) minutes over Louis Williams as our back-up point guard. From the "buzz" perspective, Green isn't a big enough name for anyone (other than people like me who are a bit obsessive about following basketball) to really care. For better or worse, I think the Sixers "are who they are" for the upcoming season, and we can only hope that they make good use of the cap room that will be available to them a year from now!