Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh yeah--Calvin Booth

Easy to overlook since he's probably not going to play substantial minutes, but the Sixers also picked up Calvin Booth last week. One thing Booth is not going to do is score--he averaged as many fouls as points last season (1.6). He's regarded as a defensive/shot-blocking specialist, but in looking at his numbers from last season I'm not sure that he deserves that reputation. Per 40 minutes, he averages 3.1 blocks, but only 8.5 rebounds and 7.5 fouls. That makes him a better shot-blocker than Samuel Dalembert (2.5/40 minutes), but a significantly worse rebounder (11.6/40 minutes). Plus, his extremely high foul rate makes him a bit of a liability--giving the other team lots of free throws isn't the best way to help the Sixers defense. And in case you were wondering, his WP48 last year was a measly .010 (remember, the average is .100). I don't know that the Sixers could have gotten anyone better (although I still think they should make the long-shot offer to Anderson Varejao), but I don't think Booth is going to be much of a help this season.

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