Thursday, September 27, 2007

Michael Conley's dribbling workout

Over at Yardbarker, Michael Conley posts some video footage of his summer dribbling workouts. Nothing too surprising if you've seen dribbling workouts before, but it is some nice footage.

What struck me was that I felt like I could tell what hand was his dominant hand just from watching the footage. Now if we were talking about me (or any other rec player, or even college player), I wouldn't think a noticeable difference in dribbling ability between hands was a big deal. For an NBA level point guard, however, I think it does raise some flags. Of course, I've never seen footage of any other NBA point guard doing these drills, so maybe even this noticeable difference between his hands isn't that big a deal in the context of the sort of dribbling that actually is necessary during an NBA game.

Go take a look at the footage and see if you can tell a difference between his dribbling ability with each hand (and then come back!).


Gone and looked? Watching the footage, I immediately asked, "Is he left-handed?" I don't watch much college basketball, so I had just assumed he was right-handed (I did watch a few Ohio State games, so maybe I should have noticed). A quick google search turned up the information that while he's a "natural" right-hander (he writes and pitches right-handed), he bats and shoots left-handed, apparently having decided to do so in grade school. Generally speaking, he's considered a left-handed basketball player. Maybe I was seeing something that wasn't there, but I definitely thought this left-dominance was noticeable in the dribbling videotape. If I have the chance to see him play this year (I'm not sure that the Grizzlies are going to be appearing on my TV screen that often), I'm definitely going to be watching closely to see if it makes a noticeable difference during the course of an NBA game.


Louis said...

The ease of his left-hand dribble was especially obvious at the beginning of the clip. He was fumbling with his right hand and smooth with his left. It was not as evident once the more tricky moves began but it was still noticeable. It will be interesting to see if his hand choice also plays into which side of the court he favors when coming up with the ball. Lefties usually stay left in case the have to put the defender on their hip but a good guard could use their other hip and opposite hand.

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