Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Went to the gym and nobody was home

I went to the gym yesterday afternoon to try and get one more run in before leaving on my road-trip to Alaska. Unfortunately, no one else was around so I just spent an hour practicing my NBA range 3-pointers (because I'll definitely shoot those in games...). Honestly, I hate showing up to the gym and not being able to find a game. You're all hyped up to play and looking forward to getting some exercise, and just stand there. And shoot jump shots. I know "alone time" in the gym is important if you want to work on your game, but I'm not really too worried about my off-season improvement since I'm just a recreational player (although I can shoot jumpers with my left-hand out to 17 feet now). Argh! What do you do when you show up at the basketball court and no one is around? Do you just leave, or do you have some sort of routine?


Louis said...
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Louis said...

Begin with lay-ups, just a few from each side to get the touch then move out to short-range jumpers followed by three-pointers. Be sure to actually run to get long rebounds… making sure to never let the ball go out of bounds. For shots that rebound close to the hoop, go after the rebound and take a lay-up left-hand from left side and right from right. If you miss a lay-up with either hand take 10 rapid-fire lay-ups making sure to actually jump and protect the ball.

Once you feel like you’re running out of steam because shooting alone is getting boring close your eyes and work on dribbling with both hands: keep your eyes closed, head up, and move around a little (don’t run into anything). Work on your crossover, around the back, stutter-step, and spin. Try to always keep the basket in front of you when your moving eyes closed and every-now-and-then check how you’re doing with your eyes-closed court awareness.

To finish off the session, chose an appropriately high shooting percentage from the free-throw line (I usually go with 80%) and behind the three-point arc (60%) and shoot in sets of 10. Do not allow yourself to leave the court until you have hit your mark from both spots and always, always, always, always make sure your last shot goes in.