Thursday, August 9, 2007

Isn't this supposed to be a Sixers blog?

Well, yes, this IS supposed to be a Sixers blog. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since you never know what sort of disastrous moves the Sixers might make), the Sixers just aren't doing anything this summer. Around the time of the draft, the Sixers made some noise about making a move to get a higher draft slot, but nothing ever happened. Then, there was some brief talk about the Sixers going after Darko Milicic, but it seems like that was never really anything more than talk. Summer League happened, but nothing really unexpected was learned (Louis Williams played well, the rookies were up-and-down). And since then? Joe Smith went elsewhere, and other than that negative (but not surprising) development, the only thing you can hear around the Sixers is the birds chirping. Really just a whole lot of silence, and I'm not optimistic that anything of note is going to happen this summer to interrupt this silence. Unless you consider Samuel Dalembert playing for the Canadian National team to be big news, in which case you've had all sorts of exciting news to follow for the last couple of days (talked about here, here, and here). So for now you get to read a whole bunch of my musings about the rest of the goings on in the wider NBA world. Hopefully they can tide you over until the Sixers do something worth talking about here!

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