Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dalembert puts up good stats

Unsurprisingly, Team USA put a shellacking on Venezuela last night. The final score was 112-69, and by all accounts Team USA was never really challenged after a poor shooting first quarter. Yeah, Team USA! This game doesn't really tell us much about how good Team USA actually is, but it's still always nice to get a victory.

In more important news (for Sixers fans, at any rate), it also appears that Samuel Dalembert had a good game for Team Canada. At the very least, he had a very nice boxscore line: 10 points (on 4-5 shooting), 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks in 24 minutes. I didn't see the game, but based solely on the boxscore I'm curious to know why Dalembert only played 24 minutes (out of a possible 40). Especially considering that no one else on Team Canada grabbed more than 3 rebounds, I would have thought that Dalembert would have played more. Still, Team Canada played Brazil (considered the 2nd best team in the tournament) tough (see the last item for a very brief description of the game) before finally losing 75-67. If this game is indicative of things to come, then perhaps Canada will make some noise in this tournament despite the absence of Steve Nash.

[Update: It appears that the reason Dalembert didn't play more was because of early foul trouble.]

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