Friday, June 15, 2007

And we're off (season)!

Much to no one's surprise, the Spurs defeated the Cavaliers last night to win the 2007 NBA Finals.

Perhaps that makes today an odd time to start a new basketball blog, but I don't think so. After all, it was ten years ago during the offseason that the Spurs drafted Tim Duncan, and laid the groundwork for the four championships they've won over the last decade. I've been living in Boston for the last ten years, and I've become accustomed to Celtics fans complaining about how they should have gotten Duncan. That may be true, but I also remember that the 76ers had the second pick in that draft and ended up with Keith Van Horn instead. We share their pain.

As bad as the 76ers have been the last few years, the offseason is our chance to think about possible draft picks, potential moves to make in free agency, and hope that next year will be better. Unfortunately, there won't be any Tim Duncan walking through the doors for the 76ers this year, but last year ended on a relatively good note, and the moves we make this summer can help us to continue moving forward. Or at least that's the hope...

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